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Dani Benson from England in Lisbon!

I like to have fun in a milonga. I also want to be a part of the milonga, so I play as I would like to listen and dance but the dancefloor is where I gain my inspiration. I work in waves and journeys, bouncing between the late 30's, the 40's and dipping my toes into the 50's and maybe even the now-sies. I like to monitor the floor and the faces to see how the the set is being listened too. If the milonga requires, I may throw in something juicy, delightful, heartwarming or savage. My favorite orchestras are Biagi and Troilo - but I couldn't tell you who would win that fight as each era gives the dancer and the listener something different to hold onto. 

I am very much looking forward to showing the international Tango community, what it means to live amongst the warmth of the Lisbon Tango community and to be a DJ here.

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