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Maria Mastoropoulou from Greece!

My first tango steps were made in 2007 in the city of Patras. Having been in the ballet area for several years, the tango and it’s music has won me from the very first moment.

In 2012 I started my career as a teacher by setting up the first tango school in Kalamata (Tango Impro) which has been operating up to today with over 60 students.

In 2013 I co-organized the Tango Festival Kalamata which was held for 5 consecutive years.

In  2018 I co-organized the Los Higos Tango Marathon which will continue in the next years.

I have regularly made numerous trips around the world, to dance tango in over 25 cities on 3 continents at festivals and marathons.

Because of my years of engagement with musical instruments (piano, guitar) I know very well the notions of rhythm and musicality. I have gathered a huge collection of danceable tango music, that includes golden classics and lesser known jewels from the impressive legacy of 30’s and 50’s. The choices of songs are balanced by alternating the old with the new element, creating at the same time a dynamic atmosphere in the milonga. 

My music is based on the emergence of a deeper connection through the embrace, by playing with the mood and revealing the purpose for which we all tango addicts dance! The feeling of happiness…

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