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Marta Silvestre from Portugal!

From the beautiful city of Porto we bring you our TDj - Marta Silvestre.

She started to dance Tango in 2008 and from 2010 began to get more intimate with tango music and slowly get into the “musicalizator” life.

Marta has been the guest TDj at several international tango marathons, such as ‘La Cita de los Amigos’ (Belgium), ‘Tango Jam’ (Germany), ‘The Big Pop’ (UK), ‘Belle Epoque’ (Italy), ‘Milonga des 4 Saisons’ (France) and also at various international Tango events in Portugal, both in Lisbon and Porto.

Her style as a Dj can be summarised in a short definition “High Energy” but she’s also an experienced “milonga reader” and always manages to lead the dancers into the right mood.

When she plays, travelling around the magical Tango Golden Age Era, each tanda whispers a story and D’Arienzo is definitely her favorite storyteller.

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