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Sebastiano Canto from Italy!

My only rule as a DJ: “Make. People. Dance!”

As a DJ I am the host of the floor. I want to make dancers feel at ease, at home, confident and positive; and create an effortless atmosphere.

Consequently, I am in constant contact with the dancers, exchanging glances, talking to them through the music.

The more people on the floor, the better. The better the selection, the smoother the flow.”
Music in Tango (and everywhere) is really about energy; energy of the music, energy of the floor, energy of the location, energy of the event, energy of the time of day, energy of every person in the venue, from the bar staff to the organizer, from the dancers to the DJ.
When I DJ, I do my best to feel the energy off and on the floor, and I feel responsible for shaping it. Therefor I am always in contact with the floor to be able to react to or change the mood.
I like to “talk” to dancers both literally and through my selection. I can see in the movements of the dancers if they “answer” to what I’m “saying”.

I consider myself the host of the floor; a good DJ must want to welcome all dancers and meet them at eye level regardless of their ability or personality.

Let the people dance tango, and do not hinder them, for the heavenly tanda belongs to them. 

Freely adapted from Matthew 19:14

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