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Maria Kraft from Poland!

You might already know her as an organizer of events in Krakow and Warsaw or even visited some of them. As an organizer Maria knows good how the marathon atmosphere works, what music is needed at each time and how to keep dancefloor burning.

María: "For me, the best music is tango music. I really like to listen to it and explore it. I'm in love with the sound of vinyls, that's why I created marathons where only vinyl music sounds. But this does not mean that I do not use laptops, I do! It gives a wide opportunity for a DJ.

I can’t really say for how long I’ve been djing, days and months flow so fast. Tango is for me an unlimited source of different emotions and positive energy. When I play on milongas, I like to present a wide variety of music for my friends dancing on the dancefloor. I believe that a dj can create an unique climate of milonga in which everyone can have a good time. When I’m playing, the most important benchmark for me are positive emotions of dancers and smile on their faces. My favourite tango genre is «tango golden age», but from time to time I use music from alter periods, if I feel like it."

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