Max Stasi from Italy!

Max started to dance and collect Tango music in 1999. In 2006 he became an active and known DJ. For all this time he has been working with major milongas in Milan area and many events in northern and central Italy. He regularly DJs at international Marathons/Encuentros/Festivals/Milongas in Europe, North America and Asia.
The backbone of his work is the music of Golden age, with frequent detours towards the orchestras of Guardia Vieja and early 1950s.

For Max every event is different and unique. All tandas and transitions are improvised based on observation of the dancers, shaping the rhythmic and emotional energy of the dancefloor.

He says: “Tango DJ set is like a great Red Wine: complex, spicy, bold, intense, harmonic… and after each sip you immediately want the next”.
And Max really knows about wine 😉

Max co-organizes a very appreciated Milonga in Milan (“La Milonguita della Martesana”), and since 2019 co-organizes the “Darsena Milano Tango Marathon”.