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Max el Pajaro Grassi from Italy!

His tango adventure starts in the beginning of 2000 and Max slowly get passioned for the tango music. In 2003 he met the tango DJ “legend” Felix Picherna that became very fast his mentor and inspired his new dj’s carrier. In 2004, starts to play in some local tango event´s in Italy first and then very quickly is called to play in international tango festivals and marathons in Europe.
Tango dancers know him very well not only for the sophisticated dj´s sets he plays but also for the tango marathon events where he is co-organizer as La Colegiala TM.
His purpose is play music to make smile the dancers and his funny soul is giving an incredible energy to the milonga even when he’s just a participant.
He’s favorite orquestra….of couse, Rodolfo Biagi.

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